Gold Rings

Taking a modern twist on the tradition designs of the Arabian Gulf, this collection showcases love, beauty, and brings an exotic flare to your everyday look. Wearing one of these rings will surely turn a few heads! not only because of the shiny yellow gold but also from the intricate detailing of each ring. 

Gold Leaf Ring CZ

21ct Gold leaf  embossed ring studded with cubic zirconia

Code: R1184

Weight: 3.03 grams

Price: $519.00

Gold Mandela Ring

21ct Gold pendant in matte finish and Cubic Zirconia crystals

Code: R1226

Weight: 5.83 grams

Price: $1000.00

Gold Drop Ring CZ

21ct Gold drop ring with cubic zirconia

Code: P1276

Weight: 4.72 grams

Price: $1159.00

Gold Halo Ring CZ

21ct Gold ring in mesh design, surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia

Code: R1227

Weight: 4.10 grams

Price: $905.00

Gold Matte Flower Ring CZ

21ct Gold flower design with a Matte finish and cubic zirconia crystals

Code: R1232

Weight: 4.57 grams

Price: $1119.00

Gold Love-Heart Ring CZ 

21ct Gold ring in love-heart design, embossed with cubic zirconia.

Code: R1228

Weight: 3.24 grams

Price: $715.00

Gold Arabian Star Ring CZ 

21ct Gold ring in contemporary Arabian design, studded with cubic zirconia

Code: R1230

Weight: 3.46 grams

Price: $849.00

Gold Arabian Drops Ring CZ 

21ct Gold Arabian ring embossed with cubic zirconia

Code: R1231

Weight: 3.69 grams

Price: $905.00